2016. My first trip to the magical country of Nepal. To explore the Himalayas by bike – together with Harald Philipp and Tom Öhler.

A short time later I met Martin Hanslmayer – David Lama’s cameraman for many years. It was him who enabled me to return to Nepal a short time later. This time I had the chance and the honor to document the expedition of Conrad Anker and David Lama on the still unclimbed Lunag Ri. 

„Once you’ve traveled to Nepal as a photographer, you’ll keep coming back.“ At that time I didn’t know how right Martin was with this prediction – within three years I was able to visit, experience this magical country four times. And at the same time, pursue my work. The magic that emanates from Nepal has captivated me – I have lost my heart to this part of the world and the people who inhabit it. 


Mammut Sports Group


Conrad Anker, David Lama


Khumbu, Nepal